Kaki5 Galerie & Cafe

Kaki5 – Literally means 5 foot way or sidewalk. A meeting point where people of different backgrounds, style, aspirations and desires meet. An oblivious setting where we willingly let ourselves being ‘neutralize’ and being open to share our past, present and future.

Comfort mood to describe the look ofKaki 5 Galerie & Cafe . The place is layered and brimming with traces of our lives. Whatever we have chosen and created has an element of surprise as not everything is quite what it seems. It’s cozy but still mysterious. sexy. voyeuristic. it’s about taking what we have and making it better, rather than trying to change anything.  Sit here and unwind over a friendly game of scrabble or if it is a night of bonding with friends that you are looking forward to, there is a chest of board and card games for you to choose from.

You can watch DVDs in the ‘living room’ . Settle in the mismatch snug chairs and enjoy the notorious ‘Lychee Temptation’ which is refreshing and thirst-quenching especially on a warm day and catch up on your reading. Or you can simply find a spot and treat yourself to an inspirational experience by the paintings gracing the wall and other artworks on display. Everything (almost everything) that you see are for sale – even the lamps, sculptures, chairs and collection of wearable art such as accessories, jewelleries,t-shirt and many more.

If reality is what you are always seeking, head upstairs to the ‘Sinema’ and explore. Here on the 2 nd level, Kaki5 want their guests to have a heightened moment of awareness. The real thing often looks unreal.

The ambience of ‘Sinema’ is to go beyond the illusion of ordinary reality.In here, it will be absolutely wonderful to just close your eyes, mute your mind, confuse your sense of direction and willingly miss the action. For aspiring filmmakers and movie buffs, independent films will be shown on certain nights. Simply sit down and indulge yourself by letting time pass by and not do anything. Or you could be outrageous and take the mike and express your soul – be it a moment you want to share, a newly written song you want to sing – anything.

If you are planning to launch a party , birthday bash, art exhibition or gigs, “Sinema” is open for booking. The beauty about this place is life… The much touted inner beauty is a natural radiance that comes as a result of mental and emotional involvement of the people who comes here.

Everything that you see, feel, hear, touch, taste and sense has been created with love and passion by the people who believe in the existence of Kaki5..…….

June 2004  to  September 2007